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Lake Region Electric has been chosen as one of three cooperatives in the nation to participate in a Front Porch forum in January 2024!

Please watch your email for an invitation from Cooperative Insights to participate in this forum. Invitations with screener questions will go out the week of January 15th, with the forum taking place the week of January 22nd.

Sponsored by Touchstone Energy®, the Front Porch Forum conducted by Cooperative Insights is the ideal platform for gathering insights, attitudes, and opinions from a small segment of members through organic conversation in a moderated setting. These conversations originate in much the same fashion as they do on social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.  

What is a Front Porch Forum? 

It is an interactive, invite-only online space for co-op members to engage with each other, mixing attributes of traditional focus groups and social networking apps.

Why should you participate? 

Lake Region Electric and other smaller cooperatives need feedback from focus groups like this that accurately reflect the needs and opinions of member-owners of small cooperatives like ours! 

 •    Positioning the membership as an essential and effective partner.
 •    Engaging members in timely and relevant research.
 •    Guiding development of marketing and communications efforts for new products and services.
 •    Providing advice to the Cooperative Board and Executive Staff on new ideas, approaches, and programs for meeting the needs of the membership.
 •    Members receive a financial incentive for participating. 

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Why is Lake Region doing this?

This interactive forum will help Lake Region better serve our members by understanding how you prefer to be communicated with when it comes to topics like rate adjustments. This focus group will also help other cooperatives across the nation better understand what members needs and preferences are.

If you have any questions, please contact Laura at Lake Region Electric: 605-345-3379 or email:

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