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Webster, South Dakota 1-605-345-3379 or 1-800-657-5869

Billing Information

How to Read Your Bill

The numbers below match up with
the numbers to the left
explaining each section of your bill.

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Mock of Lake Region Electric Bill

1. Who do I call if I have questions?

Call LREA at the phone number indicated on your billing slip or stop by our office.

2. Information and messages
Issues pertaining to you and your cooperative will be found in this area.

3. For what location is this bill?
Loc: is the LREA location for the service. Desc: may be customized to indicate a service. If the Desc field is incorrect or blank, please provide the information if you would like one.

4. How do I make a payment?
Be sure to return the bottom portion of the bill with you payment.

  1. Mail your payment in the return envelope provided OR
  2. Pay in person at the LREA office OR
  3. Place your payment in the drop box at the LREA office OR
  4. Pay by bank draft. Make arrangements at the LREA office OR
  5. Pay online at OR
  6. Pay with your Apple or Android devices with the SmartHub App: OR
  7. Pay by phone by calling 1-844-834-4459

5. Did LREA receive my last payment?
This section shows total activity since your last bill, ending with your balance forward, if any. If any of this information does not match your records, call the LREA office. 

6. Is my account past due?
If your account is past due, an amount will appear indicating the past due balance.

7. What have I been billed?
A detailed list of charges for this bill will be shown for your information. Also appearing on your statement will be your current KWH usage and number of days in this billing. The base charge is your monthly minimum charge.

8. What do I owe and when Is It due?
The total amount due upon receipt of this bill Is shown. If this amount Is not paid, your account Is subject to disconnect.



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