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Renewable Energy

  • Lake Region Electric, along with other electric cooperatives, is working to bring renewable energy to their members. Electric cooperatives have been leaders in developing renewable energy systems in South Dakota and North Dakota. Our renewable portfolio includes hydropower, wind and waste heat receovery.

Through our renewable energy program, more than 30 percent of the electricity that we deliver members comes from renewable energy sources such as wind and hydropower.

Your Co-op is Renewable!

Lake Region Electric Association is offering a new program to our members! You now have the opportunity to power your home or business with 100% renewable energy. The energy we use to power the homes and businesses of our members comes from a diversified mix of coal, hydro, natural gas, wind, waste heat and nuclear. There’s no specific way to know which source energy comes from once it’s created and sent out on the grid. However, when renewable energy is produced, a renewable energy credit (REC) is created and that REC represents the valuable renewable attributes of that energy form. One REC is equivalent to 1 megawatt hour (MWh) produced by a renewable energy source.  Lake Region Electric provides power to our customers based on kilowatt hours (kWh); one megawatt hour is equivalent to 1,000 kWh. 

Lake Region Electric Association has RECs available for purchase to offset your current usage with 100% renewable energy through our REC program. This is a voluntary program offered to our members. The electricity you receive will still be the same reliable, affordable energy you’ve always received from but, by going 100% renewable, you’ll be supporting current and future renewable projects in our area.

  • When can I get started? Beginning January 1st, you can purchase RECs to cover 100% of your usage.
  • How much does it cost? RECs are $1.00 per 1,000 kWh. That means if your home or business uses 2,000 kWh per month, your RECs will cost you $2.00. 1,800 kWh/month will cost $1.80, etc.
  • Do I need to purchase any special equipment? No. Lake Region Electric Association will continue to fulfill all your electric needs and you can enjoy the benefits of renewable energy.
  • Where do the RECs come from? The RECs come from several wind farms in the region that supply renewable energy to Lake Region Electric Association. These include, but are not limited to
    • Dakota: PrairieWinds 1, Wilton 1 & 2, Baldwin Wind Project and Minot Wind Project
    • Dakota: Crow Lake Wind, the Chamberlain turbines, Day County Wind Farm and South Dakota Wind Project
  • Contact us to learn more!
  • 605-345-3379 or 1-800-657-5869


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