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Electricity Provides Convenience -- Commands Respect

Electricity provides necessities and luxuries that certainly add to the quality of our lives. However, carelessness with electricity can result in burns, injuries or even death.

Similar to lightning, electricity is always striving to find a path to the ground. Should any part of your body come in contact directly or indirectly with an energized object, you may provide that pathway and be in imminent danger.

Lake Region encourages you to remember the following safety rules:

  • Treat any electrical line with respect. Keep all objects (kites, ladders, irrigation pipe, and antenna) away from power lines.
  • Never attempt to raise or move electrical lines.
  • If your power lines are underground, call Lake Region before digging.
  • We will locate and mark the path of our lines.
  • Report any potential power line hazards, including trees growing into the lines to Lake Region.
  • Always stay away from any electric line on the ground. Call Lake Region immediately.
  • Never touch a person or object that is in contact with a power line.
  • If you are in a car with a downed electric line on it, stay in the car if possible. If the line is energized, contact with the ground and the car at the same time will provide a pathway through your body for the electricity to travel. If you must exit, jump free of the vehicle with both feet together - all at once.








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