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Follow Proper Procedures For Self-Wiring

Planning on doing that wiring yourself? There are certain requirements you must follow even when self-wiring, including:

  1. You must both own and occupy the farmstead or residence you are going to wire. Churches, schools, commercial property and rental property are required to be wired by a South Dakota licensed electrical contractor.
  2. If you do not have the ability to do the wiring yourself, you must hire a SD licensed electrical contractor who is bonded and insured.
  3. All electrical wiring is required to be done properly and to code regardless of the size of the job.
  4. State law requires inspection and certification in any of these instances:
    • A new service is installed.
    • A service is altered.
    • A building is moved and reconnected to power.
    • A mobile home feeder is installed
    • Inspection fees for remodeling residential wiring are figured by services and circuits (typically $35 to $150).
  5. Before you begin to wire your own home, you will first need to obtain a homeowner's wiring permit. You can do this by mailing $5 to the South Dakota Electrical Commission -118 W Capitol - Pierre, SD 57501.

After you receive your wiring permit, fill out the form and return the white copy with the inspection fee to the Electrical Commission office. They will notify you of the area inspector and phone number. A rough-in inspection and a final inspection are required. For questions about self-wiring requirements call the SD Electrical Commission 1-800-233-7765.


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