Lake Region Electric Association currently services approximately 1669 miles of electrical lines. Those lines are distributed throughout an area covering approximately 2,180 square miles of surface area.

Overhead lines make up 974 of those miles of lines, while the remaining 695 miles of line are buried underground. 

Our Service Area in Perspective: 

Coverage Area: 
The area that our lines are distributed through, and that our linemen may have to travel any given day is 2,180 square miles.
2,180 square miles is more than twice the size of Delaware. That many square miles equal 1,395,200 acres!
          Laying Out the Lines:
                       Laying the lines out on a map, as though we are going on a cross country driving trip, will take us quite a distance!
                               Total Miles of Line: 1669 miles from Webster, S.D., heading southwest takes us through San Francisco and right into the Pacific Ocean! 



Our service area covers all of Day and Marshall Counties and the far western portion of Roberts County.

Service Area Map.JPG